Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising Routine

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Haldi Clear Tulsi Turmeric Oil Face Cleanser, Himalayan Pure Rose Water & Anaar Care Pomegranate Face Cream

This combo is an essential routine for happy, clear and healthy skin. It will help remove dirt, impurities and dead skin cells that accumulate, helps maintain the skin's PH balance and acts as an astringent. Therefore, it is excellent for skin hydration and freshening, toning and tightens skin pores as well. Antioxidant compounds protect the skin cells from the damage caused by free radicals and help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and add a vibrant, healthy glow to the skin.

  • Pure Himalayan Rose Water – Himalayan Rosewater is 100% pure and naturally aromatic. Its most important properties are natural skin toner, light moisturiser, a powerful antioxidant and suitable for all skin types. Our rosewater is made of Damask Rose petals directly sourced from farms in the Himalayan foothills.
  • Himalayan Turmeric Oil – This has excellent oral and topical skin benefits. It is famous for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. It lightens skin, heals acne and damage on your skin caused by UV rays. It is one of the best ingredients for after sun care.
  • Himalayan Tulsi oil – Our pure Himalayan Tulsi oil has anti-bacterial, anti-ageing and purifying properties and improves skin tone.
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Extract – Our 100% pure Aloe Vera extract is rich in vitamins like A, B, C, and E and minerals. Its unique hydrating and nourishing properties make it integral in a skincare regime. This herb has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help fight skin irritations.
  • Himalayan Tulsi water – Tulsi water fights germs and bacteria, has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties and keeps skin hydrated.
  • Himalayan Juniper Oil – Juniper essential oil has antiseptic properties and can also be used as a fragrance.
  • Pomegranate fruit extract – Our 100% fruit-rich face cream uses the whole pomegranate fruit extract, including peel, seeds and the soft, white spongy heart/part/portion of the pomegranate. It is a fruit rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals that provide the necessary nourishment for healthy skin. It also works as a natural sunblock and astringent for skin tightening and rejuvenation.
  • Heart of Potato – Coming straight from the Himalayas, this unusual ingredient contains enzymes that give you bright, fair, glowing & clear skin, evens your skin tone and contains anti-ageing antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin B6, which help smooth fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Sunflower Oil – From a small batch farm deep down in the south of India, our pure sunflower oil has Vitamin E and antioxidants, which help in improving the elasticity and texture of the skin. Our cold-pressed sunflower oil also locks in moisture and keeps dry skin soft and supple, and moisturised throughout the day. This hydration is also much needed for mature skin. Sunflower oil also has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and healing properties.
  • Almond Oil – Almond oil contains vitamin E, fatty acids, proteins and antioxidants, basically moisture and nourishment boosters for your face. It keeps skin healthy, protects from UV rays, helps the skin become soft, smooth and free of fine lines. Fatty acids lock in the moisture, keeping the skin nourished and hydrated.
  • Pure Aloe Vera juice – Our Aloe Vera crop is grown in the rich soil of Gujarat and made into Aloe vera juice by our experienced farmers. Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins like A, B, C, E, and minerals. Its unique hydrating and nourishing properties make it essential in a skincare regime. This herb has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help to fight skin flare-ups.
  • Himalayan Geranium Essential Oil – Geranium essential oil has anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-ageing properties. It soothes, tightens and tones the skin.


  • Step 1 - Spray rosewater on the face before cleansing with Haldiclear Tulsi Turmeric Oil Face Cleanser.
  • Step 2 - Apply the Haldiclear Tulsi Turmeric Oil Face Cleanser on the face, eye and neck, and massage while cleaning for a few minutes with wet fingers all over the face and neck.
  • Step 3 - Rinse off the Haldiclear Tulsi Turmeric Oil Face Cleanser from your face with clean water and pat dry.
  • Step 4 - Spray our Himalayan Pure Rose Water liberally on the entire face and neck.
  • Step 5 - Massage the Anaarcare Pomegranate Face Cream onto wet face & neck/damp skin immediately after your bath, both morning and evening, massaging it in, skin upwards in circular strokes for that natural glow.



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