Gulaab Light Chamomile & Rose Under Eye Cream

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Enriched with Himalayan blue chamomile oil and loaded with pure Himalayan Rosewater, our Gulaablight Rose under Eye cream soothes, rejuvenates , nourishes, moisturises and lightens dark circles and fine lines.

Skin type: Dry, Normal, Combination, Dry & Mature Skin

A rich blend of 100% herbal extracts, and Himalayan essential oils, Gulaablight moisturizes and effectively reduces fine lines and dark circles beneath eyes. This beneficial Chamomile Rose Under Eye Cream is made with an infusion of Himalayan Rose water, Chamomile essential oil, pure herbal extracts and Vitamin E rich Apricot oil. Farmed and distilled at the foothills of the Himalayan villages, our pure Himalayan Rose water is infused with essential oils of handpicked Blue Chamomile to refresh the tender skin under your eyes. On regular use it makes your skin smooth and supple . Although it is a luxurious and rich under eye cream with Himalayan apricot oil and wax and turmeric, the water of Cucumber helps it blend well into the skin.

  • Lightens dark circles – As a herb with powerful natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric minimizes dark circles, resists puffiness and lightens and brightens the under eye area .Our other ingredient, cucumber too has skin whitening properties, helping diminish dark circles. Aloe Vera and rosewater and natural glycerine also moisturize and hydrate the eye area, keeping it healthy, smooth and supple.
  • Anti-ageing – Our Gulablight cream has been formulated to prevent premature ageing of under eye skin and is known as one of the best herbal under eye cream for firming & toning skin under your eyes. It has Aloe Vera with antioxidants which act directly on crow’s feet, dark circles, bags and tired eyes. It also helps moisturize the dry skin under the eyes. Our chamomile oil is also known for its soothing and anti-ageing properties. What’s more, our pure Himalayan rosewater acts a natural astringent and tightens the skin pores effectively reducing fine lines, and helps your skin regain the supple and smooth glow of youth.
  • Daily Nourishment – Enriched with 100% herbal/plant ingredients like Himalayan Apricot Oil , Himlayan rose water, Aloe Vera , Turmeric , and potent and soothing Chamomile oil, your delicate under eye skin remains nourished and moisturised. Apricot oil (a rich source of vitamin E) reduces fine lines and and crow’s feet and protects the delicate skin under your eye, while Chamomile soothes under eye puffiness. Turmeric, too helps in reducing dark circles and fine lines. Our rose water is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Our Aloe Vera extract, soothes and moisturises the sensitive under eye area and by producing collagen, improves elasticity. The cucumber used in the cream contains Vitamin C and antioxidants which improves skin around eyes and helps in skin brightening.

  • Pure Himalayan Rose Water – Our Rose water is made of Damask Rose petals directly sourced from the farms at the Himalayan foothills, It is 100% pure and naturally aromatic. Rose water is one of the safest, gentle and most effective ingredients for the skin. Its important properties are as a natural skin toner, light moisturizer, powerful antioxidant and suitable for all skin types.
  • Himalayan Chamomile Oil – Chamomile essential oil is extensively used in aromatherapy and skin care as an antioxidant. The variety grown in our Himalayan farms is called German (Blue) Chamomile with immense therapeutic benefits and is unmatched for its soothing and anti-ageing properties. Loaded with anti-inflammatory properties, Chamomile naturally soothes under eye puffines. Regular application of Chamomile oil can help even your skin tone. The strengthening properties of Chamomile oil repairs and regenerates the skin, making it look fresh and youthful. The potency of Chamomile oil lasts long and doesn’t fade away. Its aroma is soothing, relaxing, calming.
  • Pure Aloe Vera Leaf Extract – It contains antioxidant vitamins like A, C, E, and minerals. It binds moisture into the skin. It makes the skin more elastic and reduces the appearance of fine wrinkle. It’s amazing hydrating and nourishing properties make it integral in any skin care regime. This herb has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help fight skin irritations.
  • Himalayan Apricot Oil – Apricot oil is rich in vitamin A,B, D, E including amino acids and essential fatty acids that are essential for keeping your skin looking younger and minimise the signs of ageing. It penetrates the skin deeply, leaving it nourished, not only momentarily but for a long while.
  • Himalayan Turmeric – Turmeric is known as Indian Saffron because of its deep yellow colour. Turmeric is a safe and effective herb for general wellbeing with beauty benefits. Its main function on the skin is to impart glow and is a lightening agent. It also has anti-bacterial properties.It helps in reducing dark circles under the eyes and resists ageing as it’s an effective antioxidant herb.
  • Vegetable Glycerine – A natural humectant which locks the moisture and softens the skin, even under the sensitive eye area.
  • Cucumber – Cucumber has soothing and cooling effects on the skin. On regular use, it can lighten under eye dark circle and brighten the skin. It has natural skin whitening properties. Cucumber is used for nourishing and pampering your skin.

Eyes need special care, because the skin around the eye and under eye area is thinner, ages faster, and is more prone to fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. That’s where our rose and chamomile under eye cream comes in. It keeps your skin nourished, moisturised, prevents fine lines, lightens dark circles and keeps puffiness and tiredness at bay, daily.


  • Step 1 - Dot the eye cream under eyes along the orbital bone (not on the eyelids), moving from inner to outer corner. Gently massage by sliding fingers. Avoid too much cream or too close to your eyes.


  • - Clean the delicate skin around the eyes with a cotton ball & 100% natural, gentle rose water before applying our under eye cream.
  • - In the early morning, clean the skin around the eyes with rose water.



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